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Delta Berries is an argentine company created in 2004 by its still current owners, Federico Lavista Llanos y Hugo Perdomo. Along the almost 20 years of operation, Delta accumulated a solid experience in growing, packing and shipping fresh blueberries as well as handling and shipping pecan nuts from the northeastern Region of Entre Ríos, an area blessed with one of the most extensive water sources in Southamerica: the Uruguay River basin and the Guaraní water reservoir.


Our 2.100 m2 Packing & Cooling facilites, located very close to the city of Concordia, work all year long during citrus, pecans and blueberries' harvest, processing and shipping seasons.


As for pecans, our quality control team is responsible for sampling of every single lot coming into the cleaning process, closely in touch with growers, lab testing services and buyers, allowing our marketing team to guarantee the product they sell.


Our HACCP certified pecans' cleaning plant (750 m2) takes care of the entire post-harvest stage from cleaning thru in-shell bulk packing, including drying, selection and sizing.


According to market conditions, high yield in-shell varieties are often sent to cracking & shelling process, under service contracts with long established, state of the art, BPM certified shelling plants. Final product is packed and shipped with our brand to several destinations, including UK, the European Union, Middle East and Russia.


From the beginning we are committed to contributing to the growth of the production of berries, pecans and citrus in the region. Committed to quality and service for our internal and external clients

Our team

We are proud of the team that throughout our history we have managed to form. 

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